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Mountain Abode


It all started when the clients walked into our studio with a dream of building their house which is rustic, yet modern in design that borrows aesthetics from homes being tucked away on mountainsides across the US. Their close interaction with us and their involvement in each stage of the design and execution of the project helped us realize their dream.
Metal-clad sloped roofs, stacked stone walls, concrete pavers, limestone, and sandstone flooring bring a rustic look while utilizing modern elements such as glass and geometric shapes. This unification of two timeless styles brings a holiday home feel to the otherwise modern home.
Overhangs help shield residents from the elements and using a mixture of metal, stone, and
glass for outdoor areas creates a stunning exterior escape that is comfortable, aesthetically
inspiring, and innovative.

         Built Up Area: 4000 sft
Year Of Completion: 2022

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